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Feeling a tad jealous…

With all this buzz (metaphorically & literally) about the Jimmy Jane Form 3, I’m feeling a tad jealous that I don’t my hands on one yet *hmph* Not to worries though… you will be mine!! *sly smile*

It’s different, innovative and have received rave reviews! Now, I love the feeling of touching myself, but with this, I can see that this takes it up another level. I can still have the same love of my touch, but you can say… enhanced 😉 I can already see the pleasure possibilities! Thinking about it makes me excited!

If you’re out of the loop like me, I suggested you check out this vibrator and find out for yourself what all the buzz is about! 😉

tweet. tweet.

*whispers to your ear* heeyyy

Vibrators are a fantastic way to explore your sexuality, either through solo play or with a partner. Good Vibrations is excited to offer our amazing line of staff-approved vibrators in a great array of colors, styles, sizes and functions, which means the perfect vibe just for you is only a click away!



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