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Review: Kong

I came face-to-face with the king of the jungle… and it is a beast!

Doc Johnson’s Kong is a realistic, light beige, rubber dildo that is 10″ long and 2.25″ thick!! It comes with a red pouch to store when you need to take a break ;P As the description states, this pornstar-replica looks (and feels!) very realistic.  It has bulging green veins, textured skin and even a jungle of a bush! Personally, I prefer my toys without pubes, but it does completes the  ‘realistic’ look. (I was plotting to chop it all off, but then I remembered how my childhood Barbie looked like after I tried to give her a haircut/makeover… and it was not pretty. It looked something like this. Maybe when I am bored/patient, I will tweeze them all off instead…) In the meantime, my quick-fix for Mr. Kong to keep that mane tame is with a bobby pin.

I must admit that this is by far the biggest dildo I have ever owned.  I almost doubted and questioned what I have gotten myself into when I first opened the package. When I finally mustered up the courage to get Kong in, I slicked him up and slowly introduced him into my pussy, beginning with his bulbous head. The first time first few times of slow prodding to get me acquainted did not feel pleasing to me. I was more preoccupied of a new sensation. Girth. Kong stretches me out, fills me up and pokes on my cervix. I love the satisfaction the Kong gives me with it’s girth. I usually prefer going slow and deep, unless it’s on like donkeykong ;P I come every time with me fighting my own self to not squeeze Kong out.

I am still a curious beginner. I am pleased at my accomplishment of overcoming this sex toy through the front door, but I am still terrified (with even just the thought) of putting this monster through the back.  Now I must muster up some more courage for anal, lol. If you are feeling brave and exploring for something new to fill you in,  the king-size Kong is long, wide and a porn star in the palm of your hand 🙂


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Sexual Fantasy Boutique Review

I’ve done my fair share of frantic shopping for Halloween costumes and it was miserable never finding my size and the stores’ little selections! When Sexual Fantasy Boutique offered me to review a sexy costume, I could not pass the opportunity! I know I’ll be getting my Halloween costume early, but if I ever get too anxious, I can always put it on for the hubby 😉 I was amazed with Sexual Fantasy Boutique’s vast variety and products in stock! Not only do they have sexy costumes, but they also have adult toys! I felt like I literally browsed for hours and wanted everything! lol. Their site is well categorized, with detailed description and high quality photos. The products ship in unmarked boxes and arrive safe and quick. Sexual Fantasy Boutique also guarantees the lowest price or they’ll beat the competitor’s by 20%!

It was with great pleasure to review the Adult Sexy Reno Sheriff Costume, which includes: Body Suit, Hat, Belt & Badge. (If you would like to accessorize, they also have the police officer kit & boots as pictured.)  I love the style of this costume because it emphasizes the chest, legs and ‘cheeks while concealing the stomach. The fit is awesome! It’s not loose or constricting and it gives me a curvy look. All I need now is a pair of black fishnet stockings, aviator glasses & knee-high boots, and I’ll be ready to party!

With Halloween only 2 months away, check out Sexual Fantasy Boutique and browse through their vast selection of sexy costumes! I was very pleased with my experience and definitely recommend them!

I want to share some of my favorite costumes, let me know if you agree with me! 🙂


Review: Beaded Bunny

It was my pleasure to review Pipedream’s rabbit vibrator, the Beaded Bunny. I had accidentally killed my first (and only then) rabbit vibrator with water and I was very anxious for this sex toy to arrive in the mail! On arrival, I ripped the box open, cleaned it with soap and water, then hurried to my room and took my camera batteries just to play with this!

The Beaded Bunny is visually appealing. It is composed of a clear light purple jelly with subtle shimmer throughout the whole vibrator. Complimenting the look are the pearls, which is an opaque shimmery white. It is 9.5″ in length, but only about 5″ is insertable. The diameter is 1.5″ and it takes 4 AA batteries to power this baby. The head is bulbous and nubs are located underneath the shaft that adds texture to the feel. The buttons control rotation (clockwise/counter-clockwise) and vibration (low/high).

I love how it is multifunctional and multispeed!! I usually start the rotation first before turning the vibration on. The rotating action was okay; I wish it circled  bigger and that the shaft wriggled more. It also didn’t matter weather it rotated clockwise or counter clockwise as I couldn’t tell the difference once it’s inside me. The vibrating sound is quiet and discreet, but the rotating sound of the pearls are pretty loud. The vibrator is powerful and I never had to use the high setting!! I enjoy my satisfying and fulfilling orgasms!

product picture
Rabbit vibrator by Pipedream
Material: Jelly
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer.

Review: Position of the Day

Position of the Day: Sex Every Day in Every Way

I got Position of the Day: Sex Every Day in Every Way by for my husband as a gag gift for Christmas a few years back and I just wanted to comment that it has been helpful when we wanted to get creative and change things up. I do admit that there are some position in the book that won’t apply to us as it requires more than 2 people/man-to-man/woman-to-woman or the position is too advanced for us! 😡 (Unless it’s just us who’s not in shape?) There are also positions repeated with different names and the illustrations are simple and stick-figurine-like without great detail. Overall, this book is suppose to be taken lightly and is humorous, fun and funny.

  • Paperback: 376 pages
  • Publisher: Chronicle Books (August 28, 2003)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0811839575
  • ISBN-13: 978-0811839570
  • Product Dimensions: 5.7 x 4.1 x 1.1 inches

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